May 16, 2014

Spicy Subscription Deluxe Spice Box Review

I was so happy to hear from Spicy Subscription that they had a new box for me to review!  This time I received another Deluxe Spice Box to compare to my previous Deluxe Spice Box.  They recently have changed what they put in the boxes and I was happy with what I received!  I have to admit this is still somewhat awkward to talk about but I am going to push through!  I received the April 2014 Deluxe Spice Box and I wanted to make sure I got a chance to use a little bit of all of it before posting my review.
Just as it did before this box came very discreetly packaged and nothing on the outside hinted to what was inside.
The Simply Sensual Massage Candle smells wonderful and gave the bedroom a warm and inviting aroma.  I played with the melted wax some and was surprised at how it really did turn into a massage oil.  It wasn't too hot for the skin and was absorbed nicely and left my skin smelling wonderful too. Retail Price - $16.99

The Lip Fetish lip gloss was the first thing I tried (of course) and thought it looked really nice on.  One of the biggest factors I look for in a lip gloss is if it tastes good.  I licked my lips to find out and was shocked when my tongue started to tingle!  Just as my husband walked into the room I realized that my lips were now started to tingle as well.  I quickly grabbed the box it came in looking for some explanation and saw that one of the ingredients is capsaicin!  I thought it was going to be cinnamon extract because that is what I know they put into lip plumping products.  I kissed my husband hoping to transfer some of it so he could see that I wasn't making it up but it wasn't enough and he thought I was crazy.  Retail Price - $16.00

I love the Lusty Lacquers nail polish color and plan on wearing it when the weather starts to warm up some.  I think it is going to look great when I have touch of a tan.  I know that my husband says doesn't really care if my nails are painted but I know he does like it when they are.  Retail Price - $12.99

I was completely surprised to see that there was a real full size device in this box.  My first box had a small one which I still have and a disposable one that was good for starters but lost it's power quickly.  This was like the big leagues to me.  It is much more powerful than anything else we have.  It has many functions so each time can be different if you want.  They call it the Spicy Rabbit but it looks like other Rabbit's I've seen.  It came with a discrete pink velour pouch to keep it in.  Retail Price - $49.95

I also got a full size bottle of Wicked Aqua Candy Apple flavored lubricant along with two samples that we are still having fun trying out but for this price you can't beat what came in this box!  Retail Price - $17.99

You can get your own Spicy Subscription with Spice Boxes starting  $29.95/month by clicking HERE! .
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Laurel Likes It Spicy Subscription
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*I received the products above free for review purposes, however I always give my honest opinion good or bad.*

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