July 1, 2015

AdoramaPix Photobook Discount!

I love photobooks!!  They are my favorite way to keep my sons photos organized.  I usually create one every year but I have fallen behind terribly!  I have also made photo books as gifts.  My parents and in laws love getting these as gifts.

AdoramaPix helps people turn their digital photographs from abstract computer files into beautiful keepsakes designed to last a lifetime. Their custom photo books display your captured memories in rich color and vibrant detail. Thick, durable, professional grade photo paper resists fading and ensures that your photos will be just as colorful for future generations.
The binding is lay-flat, so even panoramic images can splash across two pages without any separation. Your memories deserve to live in a stylish, archival home with AdoramaPix photo books.
You can find all the fun gift ideas HERE: http://www.adoramapix.com/app/home/

25% off our square photo books (6x6,8x8,10x10,12x12).

Use code: pxusfam25 ends 09/30/2015 11:59 pm EST

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June 22, 2015

Fertilify Vitamin Supplement Review

Women today are having their first child nearly a decade later than their mothers did.  We lead very busy lives, as more of us pursue higher education, personal goals and demanding careers.  We're proud of our achievements; however, these strides take time.  Unfortunately, as women age, both the quantity and quality of our eggs decrease, which can make it difficult to start a family later in life.
I had my son at 28 and now that he is 4 we are trying for another!  I felt this was the perfect time to try this vitamin supplement out!  The tablets are chewable and taste great.  You take 3 per day so I take them all at the same time.  They almost have a cool sensation when chewed.  The orange flavor is great and a little tart but I don't mind that.
FERTILIFY believes that women should not have to choose between their education/career/life aspirations and starting a family.  Women should have confidence in their fertility, whether they are ready to start their family now or later in life.  To get that confidence, women need to be proactive about their reproductive health.  This is why we created FERTILIFY!

FERTILIFY is an all-natural, scientifically backed, doctor designed fertility supplement for women who want to enhance, support and maintain their reproductive health.  Their formula includes antioxidants and coenzymes that remove harmful free radicals that can decrease our fertility as well as key vitamins that help to balance hormones to improve our fertility.

FERTILIFY has leveraged the latest in scientific research to develop its formula; every ingredient has a specific function, and research to support its use.  Their active ingredients include CoQ10, Vitamins C, E, D3, B12 and Folic Acid.  FERTILIFY complies with both U.S. and Canadian health regulatory requirements. 

FERTILIFY is for women who:
  • Want to have children now, and want to support their reproductive health.
  • Want children, but not just yet, and want to be proactive in supporting their reproductive health
  • Are consulting a doctor, and want an all-natural way to complement their treatments.
  • Have children and would like to support their fertility to have more in the future.
  • Want to support their reproductive health before oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) treatment
Together they want to help women take charge of their fertility.

You can get a bottle of Fertilify on Amazon for $65.00 and FREE Prime Shipping.  This comes out to just over $2 a day, which is a great deal.

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I received my bottle of Fertilify complementary in exchange for a honest unbiased review. My opinions are 100% my own and I will always be honest good or bad.

June 4, 2015

Wild Birch Body Care Premium Beard Oil Review

Are you searching for a solution to coarse, scratchy facial hair? Want to stop beard itch and brittle, split ends?  Do you love having a beard, but would also love stronger, more manageable whiskers and healthier skin?  Are you ready for a grown up beard oil without gimmicks or tricks? 

Wild Birch Beard Oil is an essential part of beard care for all beard styles and skin types - from 5 o'clock shadow to business professional to full grown yeti.

Here is my husbands review:
"First things first, this beard oil has a squirt top!  Two squirts and you have a perfect dime sized circle of oil in your palm.  Repeated use definitely keeps my beard very soft.  The scent is very subdued and sticks around for a while, which is great.  It's a woodsy smell that I can't really pinpoint but I love it.  I didn't like the scent at first, but it definitely grows on you."
He was such a good sport and let me film him using it!!  Give a thumbs up if you think hubby looks good with his well groomed beard!

Wild Birch Body Care Premium Beard Oil is for YOU. Let's take a quick look at why:
  • Softens and strengthens your beard while restoring your skin's moisture and balance.
  • Has a light citrus and woodsy scent that smells great, but doesn't linger too long.
  • Fast absorbing, light weight, and doesn't leave behind any greasy or oily feeling.
  • Easily pump the perfect amount of oil.
  • Powerful, pure, top shelf ingredients include: 
    • Argan Oil: This Moroccan tree kernel nourishes and moisturizes skin, and helps shine and soften hair.
    • Grapeseed Oil: Thin and light, this oil controls moisture and grows and strengthens hair. Its components also provide beneficial properties for skin: anti-inflammatory, acne reductive, and moisture retentive. 

Buy your own bottle of Wild Birch Beard Oil on Amazon with free Prime shipping for $19.99!

Watch others sneak a peek at your inspiring beard masterpiece as you walk by on the way to beard history.

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I was sent a bottle of Wild Birch Beard Oil free for review.  Our opinions are our own and will always be honest, good or bad.