April 22, 2013

Pure Madness Chocolate Review

Do you love chocolate?
I do, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that I qualified for this BzzAgent campaign!
They sent me one box of Pure Madness chocolates and one full size bar.

I decided to try my chocolates out while watching my guilty pleasure, The Bachelor.  I tried the salted caramel first.  The outside was hard milk chocolate topped with a sprinkle of coarse salt.  Even though it was a hard shell it was soft enough to bite through and not make a mess.  The center was not what I was expecting though.  I was thinking it would be a gooey caramel but instead it this:

Now it wasn't bad at all, don't get me wrong.  It was a very creamy center but not the usual oozing dripping center I was expecting.  It was very rich and full of flavor and I quickly realized I needed a glass of milk!

To my surprise Hubby sat down next to me and asked if he could try one. *gasp*  He decided on the vanilla cream filled.  Even though he is not into sweets he really liked it.  I was surprised to see the inside of this one though.  It looked like milk chocolate.  It didn't change his mind on sweets but he did enjoy it.

I tried the rest of them over the next few days and really enjoyed all of them...except one.  I was not a fan of the chili lime.  Now, please take into consideration that I do not like spicy food in general and I have a very low tolerance for it.  I saved this one for last of course and took about two bites before my mouth was on fire.  I wanted to like it but it just wasn't for me.

As for the chocolate bar, I am still enjoying a little bit every night.  I received the Smoky Almond milk chocolate bar and it is very good.  The chocolate is creamy and melts very fast.  There are good sized chunks of crunchy almonds that are full of flavor.  I am rationing this one though so it will hopefully last me a few more nights!

What is your favorite food indulgence?

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I have 5 coupons for 15% off your order of Pure Madness Chocolate. If you would like a code please comment below you email address and I will send you one. Please spell it out (Laurellikesit at gmail dot com) so spammers can't get it.
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April 11, 2013

Conscious Box Subscription Giveaway

With Earth Day coming up on the 22nd of this month I think this is a great way to introduce some "Earth Friendly" products.  Our family tries very hard to do our part for the planet by recycling, using reusable containers, and products that are free of chemicals.  It's not always easy to find products that are truly what they say they are but, I have found a company who has done the searching for you!

Laurel Likes It Conscious BoxConscious Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers the purest, most natural products on the planet, right to you doorstep. They scour the marketplace to find products that stand above the rest. Each box contains anywhere from 10-20 different items. It could be vegan, cruelty free, organic or fair trade items. Each month you get something different.  This is a great way to discover new companies who value the importance of sustainability.

Not only do they have the monthly subscriptions, you can also shop and buy products individually. They have several categories including: Bath & Beauty, Food, Health, and Home & Garden. I decided to check out the Bath & Beauty selection and there was quite a selection of different lotions, soaps and even makeup!

Laurel Likes It Conscious BoxI try only to use all natural products on my son because he has very sensitive skin so I was happy to see this: Emily Baby and Adult Skin Soother.  This is what I love to read "Free from colorants, artificial fragrances, preservatives, and chemicals."  I would even use this on my hands in the winter to keep my cuticles looking nice!

Overall, they are a company that believes the world will be a better place if everyone shopped more consciously.
Here is your chance to try the products yourself.  You can win a 3 month subscription to Conscious Box worth $59!  I will be checking every entry before choosing a winner so make sure you complete each task.

In the mean time, everyone can save 50% off their subscription using code: LOVELIFE and share the Conscious Box Facebook page with your friends!


Even though this contest has ended you all can try out Conscious Box for free!! Just click the banner below and enter code: SECRETCODE at checkout, all you have to do is pay shipping!

Laurel Likes It Conscious Box

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Good Luck!

*This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.  I will always be honest, good or bad.

April 4, 2013

POND’S Luminous Clean Review and Giveaway!

Laurel Likes It Ponds Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser and Towelettes
Laurel Likes It Ponds Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser and TowelettesI have been using the POND’S® Luminous Clean™ Cream Cleanser and Luminous Clean™ Towelettes for a few weeks now and I really like them.  I guess you can consider my skin to be sensitive and also combination.  I can get pretty oily and have breakouts, but it doesn't take much to completely dry me out either.  I stopped using my usual Mary Kay cleanser to give this a try and my skin feels great.  The cleanser has a wonderful fragrance and has a pearl like look to it.  Only a small amount is needed to work up a rich lather on my face.  It washes off easily and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry.  I haven't had any crazy breakouts either which is a relief!

Laurel Likes It Ponds Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser and Towelettes
Laurel Likes It Ponds Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser and TowelettesThe Towelettes are great to use in between washes.  They are large and full of product.  (I used a permanent marker to give you an idea as to how big the towelette is.  I figured most people know big they are)  The cloth is soft and the product also has the same wonderful fragrance.  I have noticed however that the sensitive skin around my eyes doesn't like the towelettes so I am going to avoid using them in that area.  This is unfortunate because I was hoping to be able to use it to take off eye makeup.  These will be great for those times when I just need to feel fresh but can't wash my face.  I have actually brought the package to work to keep in my desk.

You can buy these products for about $4.69 each at Target, but I was lucky enough to receive two of each product so now you can have the chance to try it too!

**Congrats SueEllen from Georgia!  She won the Ponds Cream Cleanser and Towelettes!**

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Good Luck!

*I received these products for review purposes from BzzAgent.  However, all opinions are my own and I will always be honest, good or bad.  If you would like to become a BzzAgent click here!*

April 3, 2013

Lysol Touch of Foam Review

Laurel Likes It Lysol Touch of Foam Soap
This winter season has been brutal with all sorts of flu/stomach bugs and just plain colds.  Washing your hands throughout the day is the easiest way to keep germs at bay.  When BzzAgent sent me a bottle of Lysol's new Touch of Foam soap I was thinking, "What is going to make this any different than the soap I get at a certain Bath and Body store?"
Here are some of it's bragging points:

  • Rich non-drip lather works on contact to kill 99.9% of germs
  • Offers 10x more germ protection than the leading national competitor
  • Moisturizer-enriched micro-bubbles leave your hands feeling soft and comfortable after every wash
  • Available in three great scents — Creamy Vanilla Orchid, Rose & Cherry in Bloom and Wild Berry Bliss
  • Antimicrobial properties are built in to protect the pump and resist odor-causing bacteria

Laurel Likes It Lysol Touch of Foam Soap
Laurel Likes It Lysol Touch of Foam SoapWell, the concept is the same.  Liquid that turns into foam.  I have to say,
however, I was really pleasantly surprised at the scent!  I received the Creamy Vanilla Orchid and it smells amazing!  The foam itself was thick and didn't drip as promised.  One pump was more than enough to thoroughly wash my hands.  This is going to stay right by my kitchen sink until it's gone.  Whether it's dirty hands from handling raw meat or the kid needs to clean up after eating, this is a great soap!

So, you could pay $5.50 at the Bath and Body store or you could get the Lysol Touch of Foam at Target for $2.99.  Now that I am a penny pinching mom, you know which one I would choose!

Where would you keep your Lysol Touch of Foam?

*I received these products for review purposes from BzzAgent.  However, all opinions are my own and I will always be honest, good or bad.  If you would like to become a BzzAgent click here!*