July 31, 2015

Fun Summer Project with Groovy Lab in a Box!

It's Electric!

It's Electric! is now available as a groovy SINGLE BOX!

Groove on over to the Groovy Lab in a Box website to do the "E" in STEM! Groovy Lab in a Box is hands-on STEM, project based learning made FUN where STEMists do the "E" in STEM?! Engineering Design Challenge in every groovy box!

Investigate static electricity, origin and structure of the atom, paper circuits, switches, a groovy door alarm to keep any trespassers out of your room and much, much more!
It's Electric! - Dance Pad
The Engineering Design Challenge: You are a groovy electrical engineer who has been contracted by the latest groovy dance group. Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, can you design and build a groovy dance pad with specific criteria and constraints?

Explore various science and engineering practices aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. .
It's Electric!
Don't forget: Every Groovy Lab in a Box comes with a groovy, retro-themed Lab Notebook where STEMists will take notes, draw pictures, redesign their engineering projects and apply their critical thinking skills. Plus, all groovy STEMists get access to the Beyond...in a Box web portal for additional groovy learning and STEM fun!
  • Emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
  • Extended learning through an exclusive online portal
  • For groovy kids ages 8 and up
Stimulate the brain of a little one you know and get your 

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**The links in this blog post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, I will receive a small commission from Groovy Lab in a Box.

July 30, 2015

VeeSap LifeStyle Grill Brush Review

Grilling season is in full swing!  If your family is anything like ours then most of our meals are now being cooked on the grill.  With that increased use comes increased dirt.  We have purchased many grill brushes over the years and have never really been satisfied.  We were either scared of bristles coming out into our food or it just never really scrubbed enough.  I was contacted to review The VeeSap LifeStyle Grill brush and it has been a real hit with hubby!

The VeeSap LifeStyle Grill brush has a durable and twisted wire surface that will help you to quickly remove the burnt on residue, making cleaning your grill as easy as it has ever been. The spiral bristles penetrate between and through the grill grates, leaving your grill clean and unscratched without having to burn your hands.  With the new and improved woven wire design, worry no more about bristles landing in your food.

This brush can be used on all grill makes including Weber, Broil King, Brinkman, Broil-Mate, Napoleon Gourmet Grills and ALL Grill Types, especially Porcelain, Stainless steel, Infrared, charbroil gas and charcoal grills.  With the easy to clean brush, you will be able to scrape that stubborn grease off of your grill without scratching it.
The brush came in a storage bag and was well wrapped before opening it.  It worked very well on our Weber grill.  This is my husband's baby so he is very careful about what touches it but he was impressed with the awesome handle length and comfort of use.

The handle is 18'' inches long, and had an ergonomic weather resistant handle design. The handle is long enough to be used by both hands. The VeeSap LifeStyle Grill brush is designed to clean all the accumulated grease in all those tough areas without adding strain or pressure on your wrists or burning you knuckles!

 Another great thing about this grill brush is that it is easy to clean and can fit easily in your dishwasher.  You can sit down sooner to eat with your family knowing that it took you less time to clean the grill with 3 times the scrubbing power.

The sturdy handle and innovative bristle design will extend the life-time of your grill and save you the hassle of buying a new one.  They even have a 100% money back guarantee + 5 year warranty + free replacement guarantee.

July 22, 2015

Target College Registry + $25 off Bed & Bath

Target College Registry is the best way to make sure your incoming freshman has what they need!

Starting college can be overwhelming and Target has created a way to take some of the stress out of the equation.  By creating a college registry it allows your incoming freshman to figure out what the essentials are and keep track of what is still needed as the first day approaches.

This is a wonderful way to let friends and family be involved in the process too.  Creating a college registry for their high school graduation party is the perfect opportunity!

They make it so easy too with their starter registries like:

The perks of a Target College Registry

15% discount.

two weeks before your event date, get a coupon for 15% off when you shop remaining registry items online.

hassle-free returns.

return or exchange items from your registry up to 1 year after your event date.

free shipping.

we make gift-giving easy for friends and family with free shipping on online orders $25+.

access your registry on the go.

create or manage your registry anytime, anywhere, with our Target Registry app for iOS and Android™.

AND right now when you use the code COLLEGE you save big time on bed and bath items!!

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July 16, 2015

Free Microderm Scrub from Exposed Skincare

Exposed Skincare

Free Microderm Scrub ($30.95) with a $40 purchase!

The Exposed Microderm Scrub uses micro-sized corundum crystals to polish away dead skin cells, leaving your skin radiant and smooth while improving its overall texture and appearance.

The Exposed acne treatment is the first full spectrum system that treats and prevents acne in ways that were previously thought impossible. Most products that you will encounter only offer limited methods of treating acne. Exposed is designed to unclog blocked pores, kill acne causing bacteria and help your skin normalize the levels of sebum production, aid in the healing of skin lesions and reduce redness.
Exposed Acne Treatment Ingredients
Easy deal idea:
  • Facial Cleanser 4.0 fl. oz. Price: $15.95
  • Body Acne Kit Price: $34.95
  • Microderm Scrub 1.7 fl. oz. Price: $30.95 FREE

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July 15, 2015

Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves Review

If you have a credit or debit card, there is a new digital security threat you need to be aware of.  An estimated one-third of all existing Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards have an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID Chip) that carries financial and personal data- which digital thieves can steal in seconds. It's called DIGITAL PICKPOCKETING!  Using digital readers they buy off the Internet for about $100, unscrupulous people- without ever touching you- can steal your name, account number, card expiration date and other information off your card, while it's tucked away safely in your wallet.

I received the purple and white card holders.  They are slim and not bulky in my wallet.  My wallet's card pockets are too tight for them to fit in but I have a pocket on the side under them that they fit in.  I have had my information stolen 2x and my parents have once so these are a must!!
  • Protect your family and Friends from Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft and Digital Pickpocketing.
  • 6 fashionable designs are Color Coded Making it Easy to Locate the Right Card, Every Time.
  • Fits in your wallet:  Your Cards Fit Snuggly Inside Plus They Fit Easily in all Wallet Card Slots.
  • Exclusive technology:  BLOCKIT 3-Layer Construction for Maximum Protection
Secure your financial and personal data now!
BLOCKIT Sleeves will protect your privacy and secure your most valuable data from digital pickpocketing. Each BLOCKIT Sleeve is engineered using 3 performance layers - A layer of aluminum material blocks 13.56MHz frequencies, a copper substrate layer blocks all 125kHz, while the outer layer is a glossy paper with attractive full color design

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I received this product from the company free for review.  My opinions are my own and I will always be honest good or bad.

July 10, 2015

Groovy Single Box Duo is here!

Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer!

Groovy Single Box Duo is here - bring on roadtrips and beat summer boredom!

The Duo includes 2 of the grooviest boxes for the summer: It's Electric and Fly With Me.

Enter the code GROOVYDUO and save an additional $5.00 on the Single Box Duo with free shipping!

With Groovy Lab in a Box, you will receive boxes full of everything you need to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments for ages 8+.

Because children are natural engineers, Groovy Lab in a Box blends Scientific Inquiry and the Engineering Design Process, which allows children to create ingenious inventions, enhance critical problem solving skills and have FUN!
  • Emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
  • Extended learning through an exclusive online portal
  • For groovy kids ages 8 and up
Get your kids started now and watch when they light up with excitement as they become a STEMist!

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*The links in this blog post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, I will receive a small commission from Groovy Lab in a Box.

July 9, 2015

July Mystery Box Offer


There are two Mystery boxes for July - the Holo Nights Mystery Box and the Holo Days Mystery box. There is no overlap between the two boxes and each box contains at least $100 of nail and beauty products.

Is your style like Night and Day? Take your pick with the July Mystery Box! The Holo Nights Mystery Box features Christa, a purple twilight liquid holographic and the Holo Days Mystery box features Hallie - a bay blue liquid holographic. There is no overlap between the two boxes and each box contains at least $100 of nail and beauty products for only $24.99.
Get your July Mystery Box today!

Offer expires on 7/13/15 at 11:59 PM PT, or while supplies last. Every Holo Nights Mystery Box will include Christa (Bombshell). Every Holo Days Mystery Box will include Hallie (It Girl). Other products vary. Purchase of multiple Holo Nights Mystery Boxes may result in polish or product overlap. Purchase of multiple Holo Days Mystery Boxes may result in polish or product overlap. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offer or discount (e.g Maven 20% discount). No exchanges or returns are possible on Mystery Box, individual items, or add-ons. Estimated full retail value is at least $100. Taxes vary by location. photo signature_zps05cf28c7.png

July 8, 2015

Glow2Go Self Tanning Towelettes Review

I was contact my Thermalabs to review their new innovative tanning towelettes.  I have tried SO MANY different kinds of tanning products but never towelettes.  I am so glad I did!  I really like these so far.

The actual towelette is nice and big and had plenty of product on it for 1 leg.
Below on the left is the first day.  I used 1 towelette on 1 leg.  There is a slight difference and as you can see I'm starting out pretty pale!  I wanted it to be darker so you can see below on the right that by using another towelette the following day gave me a really nice tan color.

It has a slight self tanner smell but not overly strong.  I made sure to thoroughly exfoliate before using the product the first day but the second day I did not for fear of rubbing off what was already there.  I also did not shave 24 hours before using the product.  In the past I have used self tanners right after shaving and the product seems to stick in my hair follicles leaving me with tiny dots, not cool.  By holding off on shaving this helped that issue a lot.

This box of Glow2Go comes with 20  individually wrapped premium towelettes which are perfect for sunless tanning at home or on the go.  Take the towelettes with you on the road and when you travel and you don’t have to carry a big self-tanning lotion bottle.

They even created this special box to also help with storage! The super-saver box comes with a special ‘press to open’ area that will enable easy pulling of one towelette at a time – WITHOUT opening the entire box! This will enable you to keep it in your closet under other products and stay organized. (I realized this AFTER I had already popped the top open...) Yes, they really do try to think about EVERYTHING…

Each towelette is concentrated with their innovative self-tan formula that will produce:
• Quick
• Even
• Streak free
• Natural looking tan in less then 4 hours

To make sure you get the best out of your tanning experience, they will also send you their best selling guide “Self Tan Secrets” that is packed with all the facts and secrets you need to know about the wonderful world of self-tanning! This 50 page guide was researched and written by Thermalabs formula technicians.

They also give you 100% money back guarantee!  They know you’ll never need it, but if for some reason you’re not 1000% amazed by the results – send them the box back and get a full refund!

Right now you can grab a box of Glow2Go towelettes for 50% off, only $16.99 on Amazon with FREE Prime shipping!  Get your tan on now!

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Even though I received this product heavily discounted my opinions are my own and I will always be honest good or bad.

July 1, 2015

AdoramaPix Photobook Discount!

I love photobooks!!  They are my favorite way to keep my sons photos organized.  I usually create one every year but I have fallen behind terribly!  I have also made photo books as gifts.  My parents and in laws love getting these as gifts.

AdoramaPix helps people turn their digital photographs from abstract computer files into beautiful keepsakes designed to last a lifetime. Their custom photo books display your captured memories in rich color and vibrant detail. Thick, durable, professional grade photo paper resists fading and ensures that your photos will be just as colorful for future generations.
The binding is lay-flat, so even panoramic images can splash across two pages without any separation. Your memories deserve to live in a stylish, archival home with AdoramaPix photo books.
You can find all the fun gift ideas HERE: http://www.adoramapix.com/app/home/

25% off our square photo books (6x6,8x8,10x10,12x12).

Use code: pxusfam25 ends 09/30/2015 11:59 pm EST

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