April 22, 2013

Pure Madness Chocolate Review

Do you love chocolate?
I do, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that I qualified for this BzzAgent campaign!
They sent me one box of Pure Madness chocolates and one full size bar.

I decided to try my chocolates out while watching my guilty pleasure, The Bachelor.  I tried the salted caramel first.  The outside was hard milk chocolate topped with a sprinkle of coarse salt.  Even though it was a hard shell it was soft enough to bite through and not make a mess.  The center was not what I was expecting though.  I was thinking it would be a gooey caramel but instead it this:

Now it wasn't bad at all, don't get me wrong.  It was a very creamy center but not the usual oozing dripping center I was expecting.  It was very rich and full of flavor and I quickly realized I needed a glass of milk!

To my surprise Hubby sat down next to me and asked if he could try one. *gasp*  He decided on the vanilla cream filled.  Even though he is not into sweets he really liked it.  I was surprised to see the inside of this one though.  It looked like milk chocolate.  It didn't change his mind on sweets but he did enjoy it.

I tried the rest of them over the next few days and really enjoyed all of them...except one.  I was not a fan of the chili lime.  Now, please take into consideration that I do not like spicy food in general and I have a very low tolerance for it.  I saved this one for last of course and took about two bites before my mouth was on fire.  I wanted to like it but it just wasn't for me.

As for the chocolate bar, I am still enjoying a little bit every night.  I received the Smoky Almond milk chocolate bar and it is very good.  The chocolate is creamy and melts very fast.  There are good sized chunks of crunchy almonds that are full of flavor.  I am rationing this one though so it will hopefully last me a few more nights!

What is your favorite food indulgence?

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*I received these products for review purposes from BzzAgent.  However, all opinions are my own and I will always be honest, good or bad.  If you would like to become a BzzAgent click here!*


  1. could you please send my hubby a link so he'll get some for me? shaylokie at gmail dot com (but not the chili lime I hope :-)

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