Who is she?

Laurel is a born and bred New Yorker living about an hour and a half north of NYC.  She loves beauty products, shoes and pocketbooks.  She and her high school sweetheart were married in 2008 and they have a very energetic four year old boy.  Their four legged family members are Tabitha (cat), J├Ąger (dog) and they also have some fish.  They bought a house about a 2 and a half years ago (what an experience that was) and Laurel is having fun making it feel like home!

This is a PR friendly blog.  If you are interested in having your product featured on Laurel Likes It (or doesn't) please contact her through the email listed below.  Laurel would like this blog to be mostly informative about products and services that she think you, as a family, could benefit from knowing.  Let her be your guinea pig!  She has been hosting more contests and giveaways recently so check back often!!