November 3, 2014

Kidecals Review and Discount Code!

If you have a child in school or daycare you know that everything needs to be labeled with their name.  I have our last name in permanent marker on most of the tags in his clothing but there have been a few things that it won't work on.  His lunch containers and Thermos won't keep the marker on!  That is where Kidecals come in!
 Kidecals are Delightfully Versatile & Insanely Durable customized water proof name labels.  I'm sure you are wondering the same thing as I did.  "Do they really stand up??"  YES!  Their FAQ's answer a lot but I put them to the test on my son's lunch containers and Thermos and they are going strong!
Their waterproof name labels are printed onto a really durable self-adhesive vinyl with eco sol inks and laminated with clear topcoat to ensure durability. Application is simple!  All of their waterproof name labels are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe! Make sure your surface is clean and dry, peel your name labels carefully, smooth on, and rub into place.

I am loving these labels.  I have since put them on several more items.  His backpack, lunch bag and some sweatshirts/jackets.  They are all still firmly in place!

Kidecals was nice enough to offer all my readers 15% off their orders!  Just enter ilovelabels at checkout!  

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  1. These could be used for hundreds of uses for adults too!