January 29, 2013

Airborne Review: Part II

laurel likes it airborne chewable tabletslaurel likes it airborne chewable tabletsThe chewable tablets that I received were in the berry flavor. On the packaging it boasts "Blast of Vitamin C plus 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs". The package came with 4 tablets and on the back it says that 4 tablets = 1 serving.  So you have to chew all 4 to get 1000mg of Vitamin C.  I have to be honest that I would much rather chew one, maybe two tablets, than have to take 4.  The smell was good when I opened the packet and they were not that big but I still didn't understand why the serving was 4 tablets.  I popped one in my mouth and was happy with the flavor as well.  As with any Vitamin C supplement it was sour.  I actually like sour flavoring so it wasn't hard to eat the rest of them.  If you are sensitive to sour flavoring, however, beware that the end of each tablet seemed to be more sour than when I first start chewing.  They dissolved pretty quickly and didn't get stuck in my teeth too badly.  There was no bad after taste that I noticed either if you were wondering about that.  Honestly, I am not sure if I would buy these but only because I would rather get my Vitamin C either from the source (like an orange) or in a more concentrated form.  Maybe it's because they have so many other ingredients in the tablets that you need to take 4 of them but I think that is too many.

laurel likes it airborne refreshing mix
laurel likes it airborne refreshing mixThe "Refreshing Mix" they sent me the "Natural Citrus Flavor" which I was happy about because I tend to like orange flavored things better than berry. The product comes in an easy to open packet and what you will find inside is a fine powder, unlike the effervescent formula which is a tablet. It does say on the back that it is to be used by adults and children over 12 years old so I would follow that unless your doctor has instructed otherwise. They direct you to add about 6oz. of water to the powder in a glass, however, you can adjust the amount of water to your taste. You can take this version of Airborne up to 3 times per day with 3-4 hours in between each dose.  The powder didn't dissolve as nicely as I would have liked.  I had to keep swirling the cup to get it to mix in.  It tasted pretty good and it was true to it's citrus claim.  It wasn't nearly as sour as the tablets above.  As for the energy part, I have to admit that I didn't notice any significant change in my energy level.  However, I did drink it in the afternoon when I start to feel a little sluggish at work so the fact there is no caffeine is probably why it had little effect.  I do like the ease of this product but I would say it's safe to compare this to Emergen-C which is usually what I take when feeling a cold coming on.

I have a friend who swears by putting Vicks on her feet when she is sick.  What are your go to cold remedies?

But don't take just my word for it, try them yourself!

If you would like more information on Airborne products please visit their website:

I received 4 free samples from Airbone using the above link.  These opinions are my own and I would never use a health supplement without consulting your doctor first.

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