May 22, 2013

Conscious Box Review and Free Box Code!

As you might know, I spoke about Conscious Box and hosted a giveaway for them a few weeks ago.  Since then, I have received one of their boxes and I want to share my opinions on the items that were in the box.

 The first thing I tried was the Earth Paste toothpaste.  We received the Lemon Twist
flavor for "Children of all ages".  First of all, I love that it's lemon flavor.  I showed my 2 1/2 year old son and he was immediately excited to try it.  I read the ingredients and was really surprised to see it was made with Food Grade Redmond Clay.  The more I read about this stuff the better it gets.  Best of all my son LOVES it!.

Next was the Ecover automatic dishwasher tablets.  I have a septic at home so we have to be very careful about what we put down the drain.  Most dishwasher detergent is safe for a septic but I can't help but think about all the chemicals getting washed down there just to leach out into my backyard...  These tablets are made from all plant and minerals so no worries about that going into the ground!  I used both packets and each time got the same results.  My dishes were clean.  Not any cleaner than my normal packets from the big box store but achieved in a much healthier way.

The Somersaults were delicious!  I got the cinnamon crunch flavor and boy are they crunchy!  I love the sunflower seeds hidden in them and the not too over whelming sweetness.  I could easily eat this in the morning and be satisfied for a few hours.  The only thing was that I wish I had more!

I actually had two things for my son to try.  There was an Orgain Healthy Kids Organic Nutritional Shake.  It was the vanilla flavor which was fine by me.  I snuck a taste before handing it over, it was pretty good and he loved it!  I was really surprised to see that it's not made with milk but with whey and milk protein.  I really love that it is made with 10 different organic fruits and veggies and has 23 vitamins and minerals and 8 grams of organic protein.  I think this would be great on to have on hand for the days I don't think he ate that well throughout the day.

As I try more of these products I will post the updates and because I love all of you and want you to try this out I have another opportunity for you to get a great deal!

Click here to go to Conscious Box and order your free box (you just pay shipping!)
Use the code "FIRSTBOXFREE"

I would love to what you think when you get your box!!  Leave me a comment!

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