May 16, 2013

Colgate Optic White Review

Everyone always wants a whiter smile.  I have tried so many different methods including plastic strips, wax strips, trays with name it.  I always ran into the same problem, sensitivity.  I would use these products for about 2-3 days and then it would hit.  My teeth would become so sensitive that even when I wasn't eating or drinking my teeth hurt.  One night years ago I remember not even being able to sleep!  Needless to say I was hesitant to try out another whitening regimen.  To my surprise my teeth feel fine!  I will break this up into 3 parts and try not to keep it too lengthy.

I received this Colgate Optic White three part whitening regime from Influenster as a part of my Sugar-n-Spice VoxBox.

The Optic White toothbrush is, well, a toothbrush.  Honestly, it's a little too big for my mouth (insert joke about me having a big mouth).  I do usually prefer a smaller head but it doesn't change the effectiveness of it at all.  There are 4 different kinds of bristles to reach all areas of your teeth including special polishing parts in the middle.  The back has small nubs for cleaning your tongue.  The handle is comfortable to hold and had nice gel grips that make it easier to maneuver while wet.

The Optic White toothpaste does leave your teeth very clean, almost comparable to what your teeth feel like after a dental cleaning!  The toothpaste goes a long way too.  It is very foamy so you only need a light spread of it across your toothbrush.  It rinses out easily and doesn't leave any bad after taste in your mouth.

That brings us to the Optic White mouthwash.  It smelled great right off the bat.  Not the same peppermint as the toothpaste, more of a wintergreen.  I was looking forward to it not stinging because it is alcohol free.  Boy, was I wrong!  First, it tastes like you are swishing with mint flavored hydrogen peroxide.  Second, my mouth was on fire!!  It is really hard to keep it in for the 60 seconds they recommend.  One plus side is that if you have any nasal congestion it will clear you right out!

Overall, the system is working.  I will deal with the pain of the mouthwash if it means I can achieve a whiter smile without the sensitivity.

I tried to get two pictures with similar lighting.  The after picture is slightly brighter but I do see a difference!
Here are my before and after smiles after one week of use.  What do you think?

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