March 4, 2013

SunRype Fruit Strip Review

Another item that came in my Back to School Snacks CraveBox were three SunRype 100% Fruit Strips.  The flavor I chose to review is the strawberry but I also got a strawberry/banana (which has hidden carrot) and wildberry.

SunRype fruit strips laurel likes it
The packaging was very easy to open and I like that you can open it from either side.  I love that this is a healthy snack that I can give to my son as a "treat".  He doesn't get sweet that often so even something like this is special.

SunRype fruit strips laurel likes it
The ingredients hold true to the claim on the front.  No added sugar or dyes and all fruit ingredients.  It also states right on the front that this is a nut/gluten free snack.

SunRype fruit strips laurel likes it
I did try out the "rip it" statement on the front and it worked nicely.  I could see older kids having fun eating them this way.  The flavor of this snack was great.  Similar to a fruit roll-up but better!  I tasted just like dried strawberries.  I am a big fan of food like this and I was not disappointed.

So the real test was to give some to my two year old.  He went nuts over it!  He was so upset when he had finished all of it.  This is going to be a new addition to my arsenal of snacks to keep on hand.

*I received these fruit strips in my Back to School Snacks CraveBox. However, all opinions are my own and I will always be honest, good or bad.
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