January 14, 2015

Do You Have a Groovy Kid?

Everyone always says that learning should be fun.  But, very few people are innovative enough to make it as fun as it should be.  The educators at Groovy Lab in a box realized that the very answer to this dilemma lies with the very children we teach.  Children want to learn even if they don’t realize it.  They are natural STEMists and have an innate ability to create.  Yet, due to time constraints and an over stressed educational system, harnessing that innate ability in children becomes lost in the shuffle of simply trying to meet basic requirements.

By utilizing the Engineering Design Process, students are held to a variety of standards for their finished product. Most importantly, they are provided the opportunity to engage their imaginations and apply critical thinking to supply their own desired outcome.

Every month, STEMists receive a Lab Notebook in their Groovy Lab in a Box. Many lab notebooks are just a set of directions, but not this one!  Their Lab Notebooks are truly groovy!

Sure, their Lab Notebook has directions.  STEMists will follow the Lab Notebook’s step-by-step directions for the investigations.  However, for that month’s Engineering Design Challenge, the Lab Notebook does not have any directions.  Not a one! Instead, children have to apply what they learned from that month’s investigations and use this knowledge to create their engineering design challenge project.
What's in the Lab Notebook?

That’s the groovy part about the Lab Notebooks from Groovy Lab in a Box.  Just like an artist pours everything into her sketchbook, the Lab Notebook is where children will pour everything they are learning from that month’s STEM-related activities and engineering design challenge.  The Lab Notebook is the place where STEMists will take notes, draw pictures, redesign their engineering projects and apply their critical thinking skills.  It contains every aspect of their learning experience – something they can refer to again and again for enrichment and fun.

Lab notebooks are meant to be groovy, and Groovy Lab in a Box wouldn't have theirs be any other way!

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