February 6, 2014

Catch Cupid for FREE!

Catch a Character is back and this time you can add cupid to your photos!

Just go to www.iCaughtCupid.com and use code: CUPID to get your free picture!

Simply take a pic, upload it to www.iCaughtCupid.com, add a Cupid, enter code: CUPID, and share via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Adding Cupid is perfect for pics with family, friends, and pets :)

Here is one that I made! 
Laurel Likes It Valentines Day Cupid
Their site is so easy to use!  It only took me a few minutes to make this.  They have several different cupids and clip art to choose from.  There are even different borders that you can add.
Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

Laurel Likes It Valentines Day Cupid

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