January 8, 2014

EveryDrop Water Filter Review

The water at work is terrible!  It's hard and has a metallic taste to it that sticks in the back of your throat.  Thanks to Chatterbox by HouseParty, I was able to try out the EveryDrop water filter  and it was up for a big task in my eyes.

Here is some info from Whirlpool who makes the EveryDrop water filter:
At home and on the go, the EveryDrop™ Water Filter freshly filters hard, soft, warm and cold water, everywhere you are. It's new from Whirlpool® Water and can filter one gallon in just two minutes – that's five times faster than the leading brand. Enjoy fast and fresh-tasting water at home for coffee or tea, cooking, making ice, cleaning fruits and veggies and for pet bowls, too. And its sleek design makes it easy to take on the go for filtered water at the gym, office, hotel, airport or dorm room. Plus, the filtering power of one EveryDrop™ Water Filter will save 450 plastic water bottles (16.9oz.) from the landfill.
I was seriously amazed at how fast the water filtered through and then to find out that the water tasted great too was fantastic!  My coworkers were very curious so I had fun explaining the details of the product with them.  They thought the carrying case was cute and a great idea!  I can't wait to try this when I'm out and about!

You can buy your own EveryDrop water filter from Amazon by clicking here!
It's $29.99 and you will get 1 Blue EveryDrop Water Filter, 1 protective travel case and 2 micro contaminant replacement filters.

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  1. Would like to try it out here (we have 'community water system' and they recently had to up the amount of chlorine as per federal standards) - do you have a link for where we can purchase one? Alison

  2. Hey, thanks for the head's up about that! Posts like yours should surely entice more people into getting their own water filtration systems by the virtue of the noise and the images you deliver, along with the concept. All the best to you!

    Verna Griffin @ AXEON Water Technologies