September 20, 2013

Love with Food Review & Free Box!

A while back I posted about Love with Food so here is the review of the box that I received.

The first product I tried was the Rip van Wafels Caramel Filled Amsterdam Wafel.  The instructions suggested that I let this warm up over a cup of tea or coffee but I am a rebel and just went for it.  My 3:00pm sweet tooth at work was bugging me and this surely satisfied it.  It is just what it claims...a caramel filled wafel...what's not to like!  It was soft and chewy but not to the point it got stuck in my teeth.  I think this would have been great warmed up but just too sweet for me to have in the morning.

Next up was Aunt Sally's Creamy Pralines.  This was my after dinner treat one night and it didn't disappoint.  It was gooey and sweet and had just the right about of nuts.  I ate it at room temperature and it was almost too soft.  The heat of my hand holding the package made it start to slip around.

The Spapea Crisps were delicious!  I ate them after lunch and they really
hit the spot.  They were light and crispy with just the right amount of salt.  They taste exactly like like sugar snap peas and I love that the whole package was only 100 calories!

The Bops Chips were a little strange at first but as I got the the third chip I
began to realize that I liked them.  They are a different texture/consistency than a regular potato chip, lighter and almost airy.  The flavoring of the sea salt was subtle and didn't leave me dying for a drink which usually happens when I eat chips.  They also were not greasy.  This was nice since I ate them at my desk at work.

I saved the Sahale Crunchers for last as my in between lunch and dinner snack. I tried to get a good close up shot so you could see the sesame seeds stuck all over the nuts and fruit. This stuff was great! I was sad when it was gone... It was a perfect combination of sweet and savory between the fruit and nuts.

I really enjoyed this box of goodies and I think you would too.  Click the link here and get a free box to see for yourself!  Use code 'FBGIFT'.

Once you get your box...tell me what did you get?

*Side note*  I did not eat all of these in one day....Although it was very tempting!
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  1. going to look for those snap peas - sounds like a good evening snack - to help keep away from the chips and such!